HERE Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric set to partner up to create new technology

HERE Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric have announced that they will be joining forces to combine their strengths in precision location data and technology systems to bring a new level of high-tech solutions for the next generation of automobiles. Both companies will be working on technology solutions that enable cars with SAE Level 1 and 2 autonomous features to intelligently navigate lanes based on surroundings, traffic, incidents and other surrounding vehicles.

There are further plans for more Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to be available for car manufacturers as the integration between HERE and Mitsubishi develops. By providing car makers and drivers with significantly improved autonomous features such systems will help to pave the way for fully autonomous cars in the future. Car manufacturers in North America and Europe will be the first to benefit from the new partnership.

Both companies will be contributing precision location data and technology systems. HERE will be bringing its deep understanding of what data and electronic infrastructure is needed and Mitsubishi, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic products, will add their expertise to location analytics.

HERE Technologies says: “Each company has unique capabilities to bring to the partnership to shape the digital transformation and, together, we believe we can create tremendous value for our customers. While our initial focus will be on self-driving cars, over time we see our collaboration broadening as we explore powerful new services and business models for the emerging autonomous world.”