Ron Van Der Lans

Programme Manager - Open and Big Data

City of Amsterdam


Ron works as a senior program manager Strategic Alliances for the City of Amsterdam (in the team of the Chief Technical Officer) and for Amsterdam Smart City. Two of these alliances are between the City of Amsterdam and TomTom and between the City and Google. And there will be more. Ron sets up the cooperations and manages all contacts and agreements.

5 years ago Ron started Amsterdam’s Open Data program and was involved in many data initiatives since. One of these initiatives is City Alerts which focusses on the (data) cooperation between the fire department, police, ambulance, (mental) health care, etc. to improve personal safety of citizens and professionals. He also works on data cooperation to improve the safety in the Amsterdam Harbor.

Ron is managing partner at Braxwell Innovation Partners and completed studies in Delft, Amsterdam and Leuven (Belgium).

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