Dr Lucy Mahoney

Principle Strategy Planner - Road Safety

Transport for London


Lucy is a Principal Strategy Planner in Road Safety at Transport for London. Her work focuses on implementing the roll out of the Vision Zero for London Approach; an ambitious new approach to road danger reduction achieved through reducing the dominance of motor vehicles on London’s streets to minimise the dangers they pose to vulnerable road users. Outcomes of the work will help improve actual and perceived levels of road danger and encourage more active and sustainable travel. Lucy’s research is strategically cross-cutting and therefore fully embedded within TfL’s Healthy Streets Approach; an series of strategies and policies to ensure people and their health are put at the centre of all decision making.

 Before working in Road Safety, Lucy’s position at TfL was in the Public Transport Strategy team. As a creative and lateral thinker, these positions have allowed her to continued to broaden her comprehensive knowledge and understanding when grappling with strategic issues and dynamic policies across the transport and mobilities sector.

Previously to TfL, Lucy read Geography and the Environment for her D.Phil. at the University of Oxford. She was based in the Oxford University Centre for the Environment within the Transport Studies Unit (TSU). Her academic research, empirically & theoretically focused on the interrelations between society & the environment. Her research interests include: the geographies of wellbeing, behavioural science, mixed-methods, active travel & the interconnections between cities, society & space.

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