CiTTi Agenda


CiTTi Agenda

11 May 2021
  1. Wyeval

    • Show evidence creating a better environment within the city 

    • Progressing on environmental issues and future plans 

    • Huge improvements on air quality, waste, governance and green growth and eco-innovation 

    • Redesigning our cities to have people in mind rather than vehicles
    • How was demand for urban transport changed?
    • Looking at strategies for sustainable and intelligent mobility
    • How many charge points will Europe and member states need in the 2020s?
    • Will there be an increase of public and private EV charging stations?
    • How many cars are being sold by car manufacturers for EV’s? 
    • Analyse ways to shift to zero emission mobility in the EU?

  3. • Overall strategy of the City of Stuttgart in the field of sustainable urban mobility
    • Presentation of problems/challenges and good practices for better cycling, pedestrian mobility and public transport
    • For a new mobility culture in the city: A city not only for cars but for people, the role of civil society
    • International cooperation: The network Cities for Mobility
    • Increasing demand for urban transport
    • Decarbonising cities fast requires zero-emission cars  
    • Prioritise shared and electric urban mobility 

  4. • Look at the EU Commission Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
    • How to focus on smart city technology and how to make smart solutions part of everyday life
    • Sharing Cities’ impact and legacy in London, Lisbon and Milan

    Sharing Cities

  5. TBC
    • Challenges and benefits using ANPR as an electronic fee
    • Does this reduce manpower?
    • Discuss the process implementing ANPR system in Sweden
    • Looking at ambitious goals of going climate neutral in 2030.
    • What actions have been taken?
    • Look at different modes of transport. How does this impact people who live in Oslo?

  6. • How sustainable is your city?
    • What measures are put in place
    • Will it improve pollution levels and carbon emissions?
    • Discuss the Revenue generation and investment it has developed?  

    • How does it benefit companies? 

    • What negative impact does it give towards the city? 

12 May 2021
  1. TBC

  3. • Overview of the AVENUE project
    • Issues and challenges in AV deployment for public transportation (legal, technical, social)
    • Demonstration video of the deployment site in Geneva
    • Overview of the Geneva Belle-Idee site

  4. • Look at self-driving passenger cars and trucks
    • Manufacturers to conduct more tests involving self- driving vehicles
    • Improve carbon emissions and pollution on public roads
    • When will this be implemented?
    • Why has Brussels introduced congestion charging in the city?
    • How will Brussels increase the use of public transport?
  5. • Looking at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cities can achieve a 90% reduction in transport related emission by 2050
    • How has this vision affected during COVID-19 crisis?
    • How to phase out polluting vehicles to help clean mobility vision
  6. • How CCAM can contribute to a better mobility and less emissions?
    • MaaS-initiatives
    • Clean Power for Transport in Flanders

  7. • Discuss ways Belgium will be tackling for cleaner air and supporting a wider climate change
    • Plans to go carbon neutral by 2050
    • Analyse the way Belgium will implement the ban of high polluting vehicles between now and 2025.
    • How to measure air quality? Can we install sensors out there to measure the streets? 

    • Using real-time monitoring for our traffic network 

    • How to collect real-time data? 

    • How to make public transportation more environmentally friendly?
    • Possibilities to improve local transport alternatives
    • Solutions to provide micro-mobility